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Description  Sales Digital Dashboard, Drilldown Sales Report by Salesperson, Graphic Sales Report by Salesperson

9 Dec 13

Updated title of Export 1099 Data to Text

27 Nov 13

New screenshots and report images for SF

8 Nov 13

Text edits to BOM Masters Maintenance, Totals Information

21 Oct 13

Text edits and image replacement for AP-Payment Selection

22 Aug 13

BOM and SF text edits

19 Aug 13

Finalize BOM images and formatting

16 Aug 13

Began updating BOM images and formatting

6 Aug 13

Completed updating SF images and formatting

2 Aug 13

Started updating SF images and formatting

1 Aug 13

Updated PO images and formatting

23 Jul 13

Updated GL and SA images

18 Jul 13

Updated IV images and formatting

19 Jun 13

Updated GL images, GL Account Master text, AP Vendors and Parameters text, and IV images

5 Jun 13

Added GL Maintenance -  Account Summary Activity help topic, more GL image replacements

31 May 13

Updated IV images and text edit to AR Cash Receipts Entry

23 May 13

Text and format edits to SF WO Entry Options, added FOB text to SO Entry, Invoice Entry and new report images to SO Pick List and Invoice Printing

22 May 13

Edits to BOM Master Maintenance text and image replacement in GL

21 May 13

Edits to SF Pick List text and Materials Commitments Entry

8 May 13

Edits to Shop Floor WO Entry and Materials Commitment Entry

29 Apr 13

Replaced images in AR-AP and part of GL

23 Apr 13

Added details to BOM IV Costing Update

18 Apr 13

Edits to BOM Costing Update, AR Maintenance-Salespersons, BOM image replacement

17 Apr 13

Image replacements to AP and AR

9 Jan 13

Added text to Inventory - Inventory Evaluation Report topic

7 Jan 13

Added Glossary tab and changed glossary style

17 Dec 12

Added Shop Floor Installation, OP Flow of Processing; updated SF Flow of Processing; added glossary terms for BM and SF topics

4 Dec 12

Various edits to SF topics

5 Oct 12

Added Toggle [F7] to Menu & Toolbar Overview

14 Aug 12

Added Bill of Materials Flow of Processing and Shop Floor Flow of Processing

27 Jul 12

Updated AP Close Form 1099 Year; deleted obsolete AR topics - Monthly Cash Receipts Journal Purge, Purge Fiance Charge Entries; added section links/bookmarks in Inventory Item Maintenance

17 Jul 12

Added Sales Order Processing Reports Menu Overview; Purchase Order Appendix A - Replenishment, Appendix B - Landed Cost

2 Jul 12

Added beta docs for Shop Floor Control (see Shop Floor Control Overview)

29 Jun 12

Added Sales Order Processing Reports Menu Overview; updated all menu image

6 Jun 12

Updated Purchase Order Invoice Entry

24 May 12

Added Flow of Processing - PO; updated the individual icons throughout the documentation

30 Apr 12

Updated Fiscal Calendar for Leap Year

13 Mar 12

Updated Cash Receipts Entry with Writing Off Small Balances

27 Feb 12

Updated new/clear form and process icons and images in Sales Order Invoice Entry

25 Feb 12

Removed Purge Obsolete Lines; updated Inventory Item Maintenance with new Additional Options section; added BOM Costing Report output image

15 Feb 12

Removed Retain field from Customer Maintenance text and image

1 Feb 12

Modified JavaHelp output options

27 Jan 12

Added Customer Maintenance - Display Additional Options; updated description in Order Processing Pricing Table Maintenance and pricing text in Sales Order Entry

23 Jan 12

Updated Financial Report Master; renamed Report Heading to Historic Report Headings and moved to the Utilities section of contents

16 Jan 12

Added Sales Order Processing Invoice History Inquiry; created Output Options topic and linked relevant topics to it throughout the entire Help project, replacing the Document Output screen image.

11 Jan 12

Added Dropship tab images in  Purchase Order Entry, Purchase Requisition Entry, added CSE search and removed the Index tab

5 Jan 12

Merged Name and Address Tab, Profile Tab, Aging and Sales Summary Tab topics into Customer Maintenance; added bookmarks to the Tab headings in AR Report Parameters, GL Bank Reconciliation, Inventory Item Maintenance, Purchase Requisition Entry, Purchase Order Entry, Purchase Order Receipt Entry, PO Application Parameters, and Sales Order Order Entry, Invoice Entry, Price Quote Inquiry.

2 Jan 12

Added Appendix A - Formulas and Appendix B - Glossary to Bill of Materials

30 Dec 11

Added Bill of Materials topics and book in Table of Contents; deleted all Appendix A - Icon Overview and added a Menu & Toolbar Overview containing icons for entire application; updated the graphic for Delete record and New/clear form throughout; completed the text in Simple AR Invoice Entry

19 Dec 11

Added AR Flow of Processing, Flow of Processing ARGL Flow of Processing, IV Flow of Processing

 2 Dec 11

Added AR Customer Maintenance tabs to table of contents.

21 Oct 11

Updated Rebuild from Sales Analysis History section in Sales Analysis Utilities

20 Oct 11

Removed note about Stocking Information under Replacement Cost field and Vendor field in Inventory Item Maintenance

17 Oct 11

Added Background information for EOQ, Order Point, and Safety Stock fields in Inventory Item Maintenance

14 Oct 11

AP Application Parameter and PO Parameter Maintenance - removed Starting/Ending Comment Line from instructions and updated the images; corrected Vendor Maintenance; updated Document Output Selection image; updated text in Inventory Item Maintenance for EOQ, Order Point, and Safety Stock fields

24 Aug 11

Sales Order Processing - Replaced Invoice Entry and Order Entry images

22 Aug 11

Sales Order Processing - Order Entry and Invoice Entry- missing item info

20 Jun 11

AP Application Parameters - updated window image, added Single Distribution Code step

25 Apr 11

Added Order Processing Appendix A - General Ledger Postings (12/31/11 changed title from Appendix "B" to "A")


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