Aging Report



The Aging Report is a tool used for making payment decisions. The report groups all or selected outstanding invoices into aging periods that you determine before printing. The selected periods can be the fiscal calendar periods or a number of days in length, usually 30.


=> To access this task...

Select Aging Report from the Accounts Payable Processing menu.


Aging Report


About the Fields


In the Aging Date field...

  • Select the [Tab] or [Enter] key to accept the default of today's date.

  • Enter a date in mmddyyyy format.

  • Click Calendar button to select a date by using the calendar tool.

In the Age by dropdown...

  • Select aging criteria from the dropdown selections of Due Date (D), Accounting Date (A), or Invoice Date (I).

Activity Past Aging Date? checkbox...

  • Mark the box to include all invoices and payments regardless of their dates.

  • Unmark the box to include only activity that occurred on or before the aging date.

In the Report Sequence dropdown...

  • Select Vendor ID (V) to sort the report by vendor number.

  • Select Alternate Sequence (A) to sort the report alphabetically.

In the Summary or Detail dropdown...

  • Select Summary (S) to display summary totals for each vendor.

  • Select Detail (D) to display each vendor invoice on a detail line.

In the Period or Days dropdown...

  • Select Period (P) to base aging time periods on the fiscal calendar.

  • Select Days (D) to define time periods as a number of days.

In the Number of Days field...

This field is bypassed when Period (P) is selected in the Period or Days field.

  • Enter the number of days for the time period.

Include Available Discounts checkbox...

  • Mark the box to display discounts.

  • Unmark the box to omit discounts.

Export format checkbox...

  • Mark the box to display the report in columnar format.

  • Unmark the box to display in non-columnar format.

When done making selections...

  • Click  Run Processd button when the report options are set to create the report.

  • Click  Save button to save these report settings.

  • Click  Clear Form button to restore the default entries and selections.

Sample AP Aging Report


See Output Options.


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