Operations Overview Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable Operations section contains a description of all Accounts Receivable tasks. For each task, a sample screen displays followed by a description of each field and an explanation on how the task operates. Use this section as a reference when using any of the Accounts Receivable tasks. Refer to the AddonSoftware Administrator manual for basic operating instructions on how to select a task or how to move about a screen.


A complete understanding of the Accounts Receivable module is easier when studying the Flow of Processing. Because the Accounts Receivable module integrates closely with the Order/Invoice Processing and Sales Analysis modules, many of the features described here are more meaningful when used in conjunction with those modules.


The tasks shown here are organized according to how they appear on the menu in a standard installation of the software. Because the AddonSoftware menu system permits customization of the description and organization of the menus, your system may vary slightly from the information presented here.


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