Budget Maintenance



Use this task to view, compare, and maintain budget amounts for your different accounts. Budget values (amounts or units) can be added, deleted, or changed within this task. Up to four columns of values display for the selected account. The initial columns are determined in the Budget Maintenance section of the Default Display Columns option of the Application Parameters task. The columns being displayed may be changed at any time and may be different based on user preference.


=> To access this task...

Select Budget Maintenance from the General Ledger Budgeting menu.


GL Budget Maintenance menu

Budget Maintenance


In the GL Account field...

  • Enter the account number to view.

  • Click Click to select from a list of all valid account numbers.

In the Account Type field...

Display only. Shows the account type as defined in Account Maintenance.


Post Detail? box...

Display only. Shows the setting of the detail transactions flag in Account Maintenance.

Replicate button

The selected budget amount can be duplicated to all remaining periods for that column by clicking the [Replicate] button.


Click [OK] or [Cancel] to close the Budget Maintenance function.


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