AddonSoftware Administration - DataPort Utility Notes


DataPort is an AddonSoftware utility for porting data from version 6 or 7 to AddonSoftware by Barista, aka Barista Addon. This document outlines how to use this valuable tool.


Before running DataPort against your version 6/7 data, make sure to:

  1. Run and Update all registers

  2. Invoice all Sales Orders for dropship Purchase Orders that have been received.

Running DataPort


  1. Before beginning:

  • If you have previously run a customized version of DataPort, and are running it again now from a different/newer version of Addon, retrieve and diff your customized files (Dataport_main.bbj and any of the accompanying text files) against the current version, and merge in any customizations that you still need.

  • Make sure your data dictionary files from version 6/7 are up to date. Dataport will only port files/fields referenced in the dictionary.

  • Make the following changes to the Data Dictionary:

    • In file GLT-06,

      • Remove the 2 fields after the 10th field DESCRIPTION (or GL_POST_MEMO in version 6) in 1$ (POSTING PER and POSTING YEAR).

      • Change Description to have a Y for the separator.

    • In file POM-02,

      • Change the final field GL EXP ACCT to not have a separator.

      • Add a new field, GL PPV ACCT, to the end of the record, with a separator.

    • In files WOT-31 and WOT-33 in v6, sft-31 and sft-33 in v7,

      • Change the element RESERVED_STR immediately after the element PO_LINE_NUMBER to the element DESCRIPTION

      • Change the Repetition from 12 to 0.

    • Create a data name called IV UNIT COST with the same attributes as the UNIT COST data name.

    • Then, in file WOE-22,

      • Change the second UNIT COST field (the one before the SCRAP FACTOR) to be IV UNIT COST instead.

    • In file IVE-17, remove the repeat of 2 on the WAREHOUSE ID.

    • In version 6 file ARM-10 record G, change the fourth field from AR_MSG_ID to RECORD_ID.

  • Ensure that you have a target (destination) directory that contains no data files.

  • Ensure that the source directory has all of the files you want to port. It MUST contain the data dictionary files (ddm) as well.

  • The separate file for temporary vendors has been discontinued. All vendors reside in the Vendor Master file, and you can designate a temporary vendor by checking the appropriate box in the form. In order to facilitate this, all records in the system that have TEMP as the Vendor Number will be consolidated into 1 vendor. That vendor number needs to be defined in the barista.cfg file by setting +DP_TEMP_VEND= and then the vendor number to which TEMP's should be converted. If you anticipate updating/re-installing/synching Barista and re-running DataPort, add this STBL to your Addon.syn file as well, so it syncs back into barista.cfg.

  • Edit the field_translations text file to remove lines where a blank code has NOT been defined in the corresponding source v6/v7 file.

     2. Run DataPort


  • Launch the Barista version of AddonSoftware you want the data ported into. Masks and sequence numbers are written to the Barista instance that launched Addon.

  • Select the AddonSoftware Administration menu, then Utilities, then DataPort.

  • Select the proper version (6 or 7).

  • Search for or enter the proper Source Directory. The field will remain pink until it finds a directory that has the ddm files in it.

  • Search for or enter the proper Target Directory. The field will remain pink until it finds a valid directory.

  • Once the proper fields have been selected, the Scan button will activate. When clicked, the grid will populate with the source files that may be converted.

  • A Ctrl-A will select all of the files, and then a space bar will select all of the check boxes, or you can click on the checkbox on each file you want to port.

  • Once selected, click on Process. You will be prompted for whether you want to port the selected files. Once you select Yes, the process will begin.


  • DataPort makes use of several text files to facilitate translation of file names and field names, provide defaults for new fields or blank codes, etc. These text files are all located in the apps/aon/util/DataPort/files/ directory.

  • If during the process, it finds a file already exists in the Target Directory with the same name, it will prompt you with that information and ask if you want to overwrite the file.

  • If during the process, it finds a blank value in a field that is in a primary key, and the field is not listed in the field_translations text file, it will display a message at the end of the dataport, and all such fields will be displayed in the error file.

  • If during the process, it finds an invalid date, it will print a record to the log specifying which file, which field, and what the converted value would have been. It then blanks out the date and writes it to the table.

  • If you have custom files or fields that are being converted from a prior version you must:




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