Accounts Payable - Export 1099 Data to Text



Use this task to create a file of information for all vendors flagged for 1099 in the Vendor Maintenance task. The information is taken from the Calendar Year disbursements fields for the vendor (refer to the Purchase History Inquiry option of the Vendor maintenance task) and printed on standard plain paper. No data is updated as a result of the 1099 printing process. The data file created by this process is then uploaded to a third party 1099 printing program.


=> To access this task...

Select Export 1099 Data to Text from the Period End Processing menu.


NOTE: It is recommended that a test printing of the 1099 exported data be made on plain paper in November or early December. In addition, be sure that the data export is created before the Period End Update for December, because the Period End Update clears the calendar year-to-date disbursement figures for each vendor.


Export 1099 Data

Export 1099 Data


About the Fields


In the Minimum Amount field...

  • Enter the minimum amount a vendor can be paid in a calendar year before being issued a 1099 form. This minimum amount is set by the Internal Revenue Service.

NOTE: The 1099 data is not exported unless the vendor's 1099 checkbox is selected in the Vendor Maintenance task.


When finished entering information:

  • Click Save button to save the record.

  • Click Run Process button to begin the export.

  • Click Close button to return the Accounts Payable Maintenance menu.

  • Click Clear Form button to clear the form and begin again.

The module issues this confirmation box before for overwriting the existing file:


Existing files will be overwritten. Continue?

  • Click [Yes] when you are ready to export data.

  • Click [No] if you do not want to export data.


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