Shop Floor Control - Calendar Maintenance



Use this task to make changes to your shop floor calendars.


=>To access this menu...

      Select Shop Floor Calendar Maintenance from the Inquiry and Maintenance menu.


Sample Shop Floor Calendar Maintenance


Making Changes to the Calendar

The shop floor calendar displays the month and year selected. Changes in hours or operations are made directly on the calendar. You can also change the month and year by using the navigation keys or the calendar tool.


Changing the Hours

1.   Select the day to edit which results in the hours being highlighted.

2.   Enter the revised hours

3.   Click out of the day cell to save the change.


Changing the Operation Code

From the dropdown tool select the operation code. The calendar displays the hours for the new operation code.


When finished making changes to the calendar...

  • Select the "Close Window" button in the right corner of the window to return to the Shop Floor Maintenance menu.


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