Output Options


The report preview allows several quick output choices - buttons from left to right:

  • Save/Save As/Save as a Google Doc

    • Automatically saves the document to the location specified by the +DOC_DIR_PDF global.

  • Create image of the current report page

  • Print

  • Email - launches Barista's Document Queue Process form so the email can be added to the Doc Queue.

  • Find (binoculars) launches the Find filter form:

There may be additional output options  - continuing to the right:

  • Adjust columns.

  • Document Settings.

  • Output Selection.

Selecting the [Output Selection] Output selection. button allows for the manual selection of additional output types.

  1. Click the desired selection(s).

  2. When done making selections, Click [Create].

NOTE: Manually selecting an output type and exiting may result in a pop-up with the default output settings and the option to ignore the defaults or to proceed with them.


Document Output Selection form

Document Output Selection dialog






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