Data Sources

A data source is a logical collection of information described in a single BASIS Data Dictionary. One or more data sources must be attached to the BASIS ODBC Driver.

For example, Accounts Receivable data may be described in one dictionary, and General Ledger data described in another. Each of these dictionaries, and the data it describes, is considered a single data source. Any number of data sources can be associated with the BASIS ODBC Driver. Configure these data sources through the Data Source Setup window in the 32-bit ODBC Administrator.

At a minimum, each data source requires a data source name, a description, and a BASIS data dictionary configuration file. The logical name is used to describe the information contained in the data source. For example:

General Ledger


Data Source Name:

MyCompany GL


General Ledger for MyCompany

Configuration File:


Accounts Receivable


Data Source Name:

MyCompany AR


Accounts Receivable for MyCompany

Configuration File:


Notice that in the MyCompany AR data source, the configuration file resides on a server, as indicated by the use of the server name in the configuration file path. If your configuration file resides on a server, the paths described in that configuration file must still include the server path, even if the paths are local to the server.


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