Stopping BBjServices

The Stop Server program shuts down BBjServices without having to kill the Data Server process. It ensures that all files are cleanly closed and all locks are released.

Stopping Windows 95/98 BBjServices

Please see How to Stop BBjServices for information on stopping BBjServices in Windows 95/98.

Stopping Windows 2000/NT 4.0/XP/Vista/7 BBjServices

  1. To stop BBjServices, click [Start] and select Settings | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services.

  2. Click [Stop] on the main toolbar to stop BBjServices.

Stopping UNIX BBjServices

To use the Stop Server program in a terminal environment, use the following syntax:

stopbbjservices {-noprompt} {-wait} server port username password

BBjServices can also be stopped by typing only stopbbjservices and entering the server port username password parameters when prompted.





Prevents attempts to show messages via GUI elements.


Directs the server to wait for all current connections to finish before shutting down.


Name of the server to shut down.




Administrative user name.


User password.


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