Contacting BASIS Technical Support

BASIS publishes the complete Technical Support Policy online.

For technical support of BASIS products purchased from a Distributor, Reseller, OEM, or any company outside the United States, contact your dealer who either will answer your question directly or will contact us on your behalf. BASIS assigns priority to technical support requests according to following methods of contact:

1. Requests initiated by phone or voice mail to +1.505.345.5021.

2. Requests sent by email or with an e-Support Request.

BASIS Technical Support assigns a higher priority to support requests with complete information. For informal support needs, use our online discussion forums to share your question or information with hundreds of other BASIS product developers around the world.

When contacting BASIS for technical support, be prepared to provide the following information:

Contact information

Your name, company name, telephone, and/or fax number.

Serial number

Even though a product's serial number may not be required for support, the number identifies the call in the logging and tracking process. By tracking all calls, we can see the types of questions we receive and then use this information to determine how we may improve our service to you. Serial numbers also provide a reliable method for retrieving key pieces of information about a particular product, such as the BASIS part number, media type, revision level, activation key/license number, and customer update history.

The name of the product and the product's revision number are two other key pieces of information because new revisions interact differently with hardware equipment.

PRO/5 error and TCB(10)

A complete description of the problem, including the PRO/5 error and the TCB(10) value is helpful when available. When a specific error is available, include the PRO/5 line or function in which the error occurred and the values of all variables used in the line. The value for TCB(10) gives us an indication of where the problem is originating.

Operating system name, level, and revision

When we know the operating system you are using, we occasionally find a mismatch between the BASIS product and that system or can identify oddities peculiar to a specific operating system.

Other information

When pertinent to the problem, answers to the following questions help Technical Support correctly identify a problem

  • Is the error consistently reproducible, or is it sporadic?

  • Is the error isolated to a specific machine or user?

  • Is this a new install or has the system been in place and working for a long time?

  • Is the problem network related/specific?

  • The operating system name and JDK level and version.

To help you organize this information, the BASIS website contains a BASIS e-Support Request form that lists the information we need to start addressing your question. We can also fax the form to you if you request it.

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