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This BASIS Online Help System contains the complete text for BBj®, the newest generation of BBx®, as well as the electronic version of the PRO/5® and Visual PRO/5® manual set.

What's New

Review the latest additions to the docs in the What's New listing.

Licensing Information

BBj, PRO/5, Visual PRO/5, PRO/5 Data Server® revision 2.10 and higher use FlexNet/FLEXlm licensing software from Flexera Software (, formerly Acresso. The BASIS website contains fully searchable Adobe Acrobat  versions of current and earlier versions of the FLEX manuals.


Topics are categorized in the new table of contents by BASIS technology component as follows:

System Administration

Installation, licensing, configuring, Enterprise Manager, invoking/running BBj, etc.


Fundamentals, converting to BBj, mnemonics, commands, BBj object syntax and API, etc.

Development Tools

Barista®, Eclipse and BASIS IDE, BBj resource file changes, etc.


File types and systems, Data Server, SQL, etc.

Application Building
Blocks and Utilities

Enterprise Manager and utilities such as Admin, BBJasper, BBTranslator, BBXimage, Custom Installer, Dashboard; and ERP building blocks in AddonSoftware® by Barista

For those preferring the previous structure, BBj topics also appear in the familiar BBj-specific Documentation book. For the original documentation for the BBx family of products, PRO/5 and Visual PRO/5, go to the book titled PRO/5 and Visual PRO/5 Manual Set.


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