Enterprise Manager - BBj Services: Java Settings

To view this topic for the preceding Enterprise Manager, see Enterprise Manager - Server Information (JVM Tab, Classpath Tab).


The Enterprise Manager allows the administrator to manage the various Java virtual machine (JVM) settings for any BBj application.

To access Java-related settings, select BBjServices > Java Settings to open the Java Settings multi-tab configuration page.

Java Virtual Machine Settings

Use the JVM tab to select the JVM to use as a default for BBjServices, as well as any of the specific components (Application) of the BBjServices environment. NOTE: Any changes to these settings require restarting BBjServices before taking effect.


Selects the application being configured. The Default application applies to all applications that do not otherwise provide overriding configuration changes.

Java Home

Full path to the location of the JDK to use for the selected application. This will vary based on the specific OS used by the server.

Use Default JVM

Select whether to use the Default JVM or specify a specific JVM for the selected application.

Java Args

Command line arguments to pass to the JVM at runtime. These are equivalent to the arguments passed to an invocation of java from the command line.

Use Default Args

Select whether to use the Default JVM or specify specific command line arguments for the selected application.

Java Details

Read-only summary of the information related to the selected JVM including vendor, bit mode, version, etc.

Java Classpath Settings

Use the Classpath tab to configure the default classpath for BBjServices. In addition, use this tab to configure any session-specific classpaths (SSCP) available for use by BBj programs. SSCP’s provide the administrator with the ability to make different libraries available to different interpreters based on specific application requirements. See Session-Specific Classpath for more information and how to incorporate them in practice. NOTE: Any changes to the settings on this tab require restarting BBjServices before taking effect.

Classpath Names List of all the named session-specific classpaths available.
Classpath Entries The JAR files included in the selected classpath. Make sure to include all JAR files required by any embedded Java code used by BBj programs that will utilize the classpath. NOTE: Adding a folder does not add the JARs in that folder, but rather, maps the directory structure of that folder within the classpath. Only .class files within the selected directory structure will be included. JAR files must always be added individually.

Java Options

Use the Java Options tab to configure the Java module options related to Java 11+. NOTE: Any changes to the settings on this tab require restarting BBjServices before taking effect.

Java Module Options List

As with the Java Args setting referenced in the JVM section above, the options represent options passed on the command line to the java executable. Each option should be preceded by a double hyphen (--) and include a name=value pair. Each option should be included as a separate list element and can be edited in-place via the list. Bolded options are read-only and are required by BBjServices and therefore cannot be changed or removed.

Important: JavaFX Module

In Java 11+, the JavaFX module is removed from the standard installation and is an optional feature. The GUI BBjHtmlEdit and the JAVAFX_HTMLVIEW version of the BBjHtmlView require the presence of the JavaFX library. To use these features, download the required JavaFX library for the specific server platform used by BBjServices (Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.). To make configuration simple, click the "Add JavaFX Options" button and use the file chooser to locate the installation path to the JavaFX SDK. This immediately adds all necessary configuration options to enable JavaFX on the specific server platform used by BBjServices.

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