Enterprise Manager Java App: BBj Processes

In BBj 13.0 and higher, the Enterprise Manager app has been superseded by a new browser Enterprise Manager and Eclipse plug-in. See Enterprise Manager - BBjServices: Processes.


The Enterprise Manager allows the administrator to monitor and terminate BBj processes running in BBjServices. The following image shows the information that the administrator can monitor:



An internal unique identifier for the process.


The process ID returned from calling INFO(3,0). To see the files that are currently opened by any process, select the "Open Files" node in the tree and look for files with an "Open ID" value containing the INFO(3,0) value of the desired process.

Con. Time

The date and time the connection was established.

IP Address

The IP address of the machine that connected to start the process.


The thread number.

Not Responding

The amount of time in seconds that the process has not been responding to queries. If the number is positive, this may mean that it is currently in a running FOR or WHILE loop.


The user that started the process.

Program Name

The name of the program being run. This will be the file name of the loaded program.

Line Listing

The current line of code being run at the time the Enterprise Manager asked the server for the information. If the program was saved using SAVEP, you will not be able to see this information.

To terminate a process, do the following:

1. Select the process to be terminated.

2. Click [Terminate Process].

Exporting the Process List

Click the [Export] button to export the list of BBj Processes and their information to a CSV file. If only a portion of the list is needed, select only the items of interest, then click [Export].


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