TABLEUPDATE Grid Notify Event


For BBj-specific documentation, see Table Update - GRID Notify Event 22 BBj.

Indicates that the grid requires information from the application before it can be redrawn. When one or more cells in a grid need to be redrawn, this event is issued. It is the programmer's responsibility to provide code to redraw the cell(s) specified in the TABLEUPDATE event.

It is imperative that an event loop managing a standard grid check for Notify event 22 from the main grid control and the row header grid, if present, and respond to them. Otherwise blank cells and headers may appear in the grid (see the Standard Grid Tutorial 1: Display-Only Grid and Standard Grid Tutorial 2: User-Modifiable Grid for examples of how this can be done).

Event Template


Significant Field



Context in which the event occurred.




ID of the resource that caused the event.


Last four fields define the range of cells that need to be redrawn. Note that row and column numbering is zero-based. The leftcol field indicates the leftmost column with cells that need to be redrawn.


Top row with cells that need to be redrawn.


Rightmost column with cells that need to be redrawn.


Bottom row with cells that need to be redrawn

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