Conversion from BBxProgression/2 or BBxProgression/3 to PRO/5


Programs written in BBx prior to BBxPROGRESSION/4 must be converted to BBxPROGRESSION/4 format before they can be used. PRO/5 comes with a utility program that performs this conversion. Before converting, you must BACK UP YOUR PROGRAM FILES. The utility overwrites the old program with the new version. If errors occur during conversion, the old program could be lost. Protected programs cannot be converted. Only programs in an unprotected format can be converted. Specific conversion instructions are located in the Conversion Utilities section of the Utilities Manual.

In order to accommodate all of the capabilities of PRO/5, it was necessary to use a completely new internal token structure. As a result, BBxProgression/2 and BBxProgression/3 programs must be converted in order to work with PRO/5. PRO/5 data file formats have not changed, and therefore require no conversion.

Once you have saved your programs under PRO/5, you will not be able to run them under any previous version of BBx. This is also true of MKEYED files created under PRO/5.

Utility programs to accomplish the conversion are provided. For information on converting your application programs from BBxProgression/2 or BBxProgression/3 to PRO/5, see the Conversion Utilities section of the Utilities Manual.


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