Visual PRO/5 Terminal Window

Font/Size Dialog Box


The Font and Size dialog box allows you to change the font and/or physical size of the Visual PRO/5 terminal window. You may use it by selecting Fonts/Size... from the Settings menu.

You can change the display font by using the Font box. All fixed pitch fonts installed on your system are listed. You may also change the font size.

By using the Size box, you can set the number of columns and rows of the Visual PRO/5 terminal window. To ensure that the dimensions remain unchanged, check Lock cols/rows. You can then choose whether Visual PRO/5 will resize the font or use scroll bars to let the user view all the data currently on the screen.

Size Limits

The number of columns and rows in a specified point size must not be larger than the display screen can accommodate. Windows will not allow any Visual PRO/5 terminal window to be larger than the display screen. Additionally, the number of columns and the number of rows may not exceed 255. This is due to the fact that BBx has traditionally reserved only one byte in the FIN() of a terminal device for each of these values.

You can detect the current size of the physical terminal display at any time from within Visual PRO/5. Other PRO/5 products that work with X terminals already have this capability, and it works the same way. Just retrieve the FIN() of channel 0. Bytes (3,1), maximum physical column, and (4,1), maximum physical line, contain the current dimensions of the Visual PRO/5 terminal.

Application developers need not worry about the size of the terminal window changing because Visual PRO/5's internal data structures are not affected. At startup, Visual PRO/5 creates a virtual terminal with 80 columns and 25 rows, regardless of the physical display's dimensions. A simple 'WINDOW' mnemonic is all that is needed to change the dimensions of this virtual terminal.


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