CAPTURE Mnemonic - Capture Underlying Text (Terminal Device)







The ID number of character window whose contents should be copied.

The 'CAPTURE' mnemonic will cause the current character window to copy the contents of any character windows directly beneath it. If used by itself, the 'CAPTURE' mnemonic works with whatever already existing character window has the keyboard focus. If the 'CAPTURE' mnemonic is embedded in the 'WINDOW ' mnemonic, a new character window will be created that inherits the contents of any character windows beneath it.

In BBj 14.0 and higher, supplying a window ID number with the 'CAPTURE' mnemonic will cause only the contents of the specified character window to be copied to the current top-most character window. Only the overlapping areas of the specified character window and the current character window will be copied; if the two windows do not overlap, nothing will be copied.

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