resicon.pngConverting Resource File Formats


resbuilder binary_file ASCII_file


ResBuilder allows loading and saving a resource file in ASCII format. ResBuilder can also be used to automatically convert binary resource files (.brc) into ACSII resource files (.arc) by providing the input .brc file and output .arc file on the command line.

ResBuilder accepts wildcard characters when used as a conversion utility. The following table provides examples of how to use wildcards:



resbuild *.brc *.arc

Creates .arc files for all the files in the current working directory.

resbuild *.brc dir\*.arc

Places the converted resource files in the specified directory.

resbuild *.brc *.brc

Converts the resource files to ASCII and overwrites the existing files.

NOTE: ResBuild can convert brc to arc files distributed with Visual PRO/5.


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