Set Edit Mask - GRID SENDMSG() Function 79 BBj


For this topic's original documentation, see Set Edit Mask - GRID SENDMSG() Function 79.

BBj-Specific Information

  • In BBj, the mask is displayed in rendered (not edited) cells, as well as edited cells. In Visual PRO/5, the mask was only displayed while the cell was being edited.

  • In BBj, an edit mask for a column or cell is displayed while the cell is in edit or display mode. In Visual PRO/5, the INPUTE cell style was not a real INPUTE control, and the mask would not automatically be displayed while in display mode.

Because of this, many Visual PRO/5 programs would add the mask characters to the text in the displayed cell. This is no longer necessary; however, for backward compatibility, the INPUTE control in the cell will beep for a warning but allow the text, including mask characters. It still sets the text in the INPUTE to the given text, minus the mask characters. This results in a displayed cell that includes the mask characters, even if the text for the cell is set without the added mask characters.

  • If a mask that contains a pound sign (#) is set, the cell automatically renders INPUTN functionality. In Visual PRO/5, this does not happen because rendered cells do not have a mask.


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