Start Edit - GRID SENDMSG() Function 31 BBj


For this topic's original documentation, see Start Edit - GRID SENDMSG() Function 31.

BBj-Specific Information

  • In BBj, this function cannot be used on cells that have check box or button styles.

  • In Visual PRO/5, a cell can only have INPUTN functionality if the mode is 0 or 2 has been set by this function. In BBj, if the edit_params$ uses the template containing rules, it is always has INPUTN functionality. If it uses one of the other templates containing a mask field, it always checks for a pound sign (#) to see if it has INPUTN functionality.

  • If a mask that contains a pound sign (#) is set, the cell automatically renders INPUTN functionality. In Visual PRO/5, this does not happen because rendered cells do not have a mask.

  • In BBj, editing starts automatically when the user double-clicks a cell. Therefore, this function is no longer required to start editing a cell, although it is still supported. If this function is called while a cell is being edited, the grid stops the edit operation, applies the values in edit_params$ to the cell, then restarts the editing operation.

A way to set the edit parameters without using this function is to initialize the cell with Set Edit Properties - GRID SENDMSG() Function 101. This new function should be called during grid initialization.


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