Administration Wizard

For ease and convenience, use the wizard to manage administrative tasks.

Starting the Wizard

To start the graphical wizard, choose System Administration > Admin from the Demos Launchdock.

To run as a character-based application on non-Windows operating systems, type  admin --console from the command line in the <bbj_home>/bin directory.

Wizard Tasks




BASIS UAC Configuration Wizard

To configure BASIS applications and directories for use with MS Windows User Account Control (UAC) security

License Registration

To request and install a BASIS license; may also request a demo license

Install a License

To install a license

Configure the BASIS License Manager (BLM) Startup

To configure who the BASIS License Manager shall run on this system

Start/Stop the BASIS License Manager (BLM)

To start, stop, or restart the BASIS License Manager

Designate the BASIS License Manager (BLM)

To designate a local or remote BASIS License Manager

Configure the BBjServices Startup

To configure how BBjServices starts and runs on this system

Start/Stop the BBjServices

To start, stop, and restart BBjServices on this system

Change the Enterprise Manager (EM) Password

To change the Enterprise Manager Admin user password




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